Virmir-Cards is a standard deck of playing cards featuring a cartoon character drawn by Virmir on every single card! This deck is built just like any playing card deck— four suits of 13 cards each, plus two jokers. 54 cards total!

Cards are provided by the printing company listed below and are printed on high quality, durable cardstock with a glossy finish and rounded corners. They don't have quite the same feel as normal playing cards (they're a tad thicker and heavier), however they are definitely sturdy enough to play with. Prices are listed on each printer's page. Buy your deck today!


Please note that the printing service below has slight trouble getting all the cards centered perfectly. The effect is noticeable on some cards if you pay close attention. (I searched high and low looking for a company that can get it right all the time, but alas, it seems to be an inexact science everywhere.)

Virmir-Cards c/o The Game Crafter

Includes the full set of 54 Virmir-Cards, plus an extra card that lists the names of each character on all the cards. (Also included is a weird low-quality Virmir-Cards label sticker in black and white which isn't really useful for anything... *shrugs*. Note that no tuckbox is included.)

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Half of the deck is composed of my characters from my various comics and stories, while the other half is fan-submitted by the Crimson Flag community, and drawn by me. Here are a few of my favorite cards!

See the full gallery of cards here.

Virmir-Cards Cast

Diamonds - CF Community Foxes/Canids

Spades - Virmir Gang

Hearts - CF Community Cats/Others

Clubs (Crimson Flag Comic)